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Mysti "Mocha" Cozart, CEO

Award-Winning Writer, Producer, Author

Mysti “Mocha” Cozart has been in the music and entertainment industry for more than two decades. She began her songwriting and singing career in the early 90’s. Mysti was part of a duo back in her Nashville days where she learned a lot about being an artist and writer. Mysti had a passion for performing and writing that led her down the streets of Broadway, where music was alive and boots were kickin’. Along with many other talents, Mysti became a regular on Prime Time Country, CMT Most Wanted Live, and with her sister; were picked for a new DUO by the creators of American Idol for the country version of ‘Can You Duet’. Shortly after filming, both Mysti and her sister decided that they weren’t interested in being molded into the cookie cutter sound of every other artist and duo. “We just wanted to be ourselves”.  After fifteen years of pounding the pavement and working toward that ‘big’ record deal, at the end of the day she was happy just making good music and continuing to write. Mysti decided to go to school and obtain her Broadcast Media Degree for both TV & Film. Since obtaining her degree, she has become a Creator/Writer/Producer of a Supernatural Television Drama Series. Mysti is a Registered WGA writer as well as a BMI Registered writer. Mysti also is an Executive Producer on a new film, set to be released in 2019. Mysti has had the pleasure of writing with such talents as Simon Finley (Echo & The Bunnymen) for three songs on the soundtrack for Cypress Bayou and many more. Mysti studied at the Actors School In Nashville and work with many production companies, audition and theatre houses and landed a role in a video or two along the way. Mysti also stars in the Supernatural Television Series Trailer along with actors from the CW Network and even had the privilege of being Directed by Finola Hughes; who most would know as Anna Devane on General Hospital. Mysti is excited for what’s to come and always looking for new ways to create something original and amazing.

Since relocating to Dallas, Mysti has started Mocha and The Flame Music Publishing Company with Brad Smith, which she currently co-owns and operates as a division of CORE Entertainment Group, Inc.  “The publishing company is one piece of the puzzle that fits with all of our plans for CORE Entertainment Group, Inc.” CORE will be involved in many avenues of the entertainment industry. At CORE, the goal is to “Create Original Relevant Entertainment”.

Projects that are currently in the works that Mysti has created or co-created include:

"La-Laurie Parrish" - Written & Created by: Mysti

"Mocha" Cozart - An Original Dramatic Supernatural TV Episodic Series - Coming 2020

“Honeysuckle & Holly”-Written & Created by: Mysti “Mocha” Cozart-A Romantic Comedy Film (All of the makings of a good hearted Hallmark film)

“Want Love”- Written & Created by: Brad Smith & Mysti “Mocha” Cozart-A Faith Based Film about building strong relationships and connections with all of the people in our lives.

“CB”-Co-Written/Co-Created/Produced by: Mysti Cozart -A Supernatural Drama-Which won  an award for ‘Best Trailer’ for a TV Series.

Check out the youtube link for her Character Reel starring as ‘Essie DuPree’:

Brad "The Flame" Smith, Director

Writer and Producer

Brad began his musical talents as a young boy and started writing his own songs as a teenager. In his early years as a musician, Brad played in cover bands at social functions and night clubs. Though he had never shared his songs early on, over the years he began to perform some of them with friends. His friends thought he had a gift but like many young talented individuals, Brad began a family in his early twenties and had to find a career to feed the growing family. He went into retail management and although merchandising was creative, he preferred creating new concepts and then seeing the finished product so Brad decided to open his own design firms where he could continue to create new and exciting designs and then bring them to life. Brad has been an entrepreneur now for over twenty years in business. Today, Brad holds multiple patents and trademarks and has completed thousands of successful creative projects around the world.


In 2018, Brad joined Mysti to continue being creative and they set out on a venture to bring their content to the Entertainment industry forming CORE as well as Mocha and the Flame Publishing. Today, Brad and Mysti write and produce their own content in Brad's private studio. Brad is a BMI Registered writer as well as a WGA Registered writer.

Projects that are currently in the works that Brad has/is creating or co-creating include:

​“Want Love”- Written & Created by: Brad Smith & Mysti “Mocha” Cozart - A Faith Based Film about building strong relationships and connections with all of the people in our lives.

Numerous Song, TV Show, Book, Podcast, and Movie, projects are in the works under Brad's production now...