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​​CORE Entertainment Group is set to release a feel good Romantic Holiday Drama, created with the same beloved quirky flare as seen in Sweet Home Alabama, and seasoned with a pinch of southern sassiness, similar to the fun-loving overtones of Virgin River.

a Mocha & The Flame Production

In a small southern town, a young woman finds herself discovering her roots in boots. When the death of a parent brings Emmaline McClure home to the little, east Texas town of Holly; she discovers that having roots and wings is a definite possibility. Especially when the sweet smell of honeysuckle reminds her that home is exactly where she needs to be. When an unexpected meeting transpires with a true Texas southern gentleman, a spark ignites a flame that longs to burn for many days to come.


In a fast-paced world of Hollywood, Emmaline didn't have much time for dating. She wasn't at all interested in changing her glamorous lifestyle for sweet tea, sweltering heat, unpredicted snow fall and a southern Texas cowboy. Turns out that is exactly what she had been missing. After a phone call from her brother, Emmaline realized her writing and producing a tv series in LA would have to be put on hold to make arrangements for an ailing parent. For years, Emmaline had tried to outrun her roots and replace them with wings. In an unexpected story of challenges and want to leave her past behind, she finds herself wrapped in the arms of someone who will forever be her future. In a lifetime of trying to outrun your past, sometimes being reminded of who you were is the thing to move you forward to help you grow into who you were truly meant to be.



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