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The 'Moment' you girls have all been waiting for is HERE! Grab your latte` and a comfy place to curl up with ME, MOCHA! Follow along with the adventures of this gypsy. You'll laugh a-lottle, smirk a bit and shake your head in disbelief, but never will you be bored. Let your cup (of java) runneth over as I take you along with me and my daily shenanigans.

IF you like a little SATC humor and a lot of charm from Hart of Dixie; then you are in for a treat! Get your MOCHA on with ME! Moments with Mocha! ~M

CORE Entertainment Group is please to announce the release of a brand new book authored by our very own CEO Mysti "Mocha" Cozart. The brand new book is available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback versions.

"A day in the life of ‘ole girl’! But in no certain order of events. There are some days when you wonder ‘hmmmmm.... What will she do next?’ Well, here is a little about what ‘she will do’. As with anything in life there are always the opportunities to grow. Or, at least try and figure out how to grow inside but not absolutely have to grow up, lol. Yes, I know-but really? I mean-I’m 40 plus 1 and 1 more, Oh Lord, yes, I finally admitted it out loud! Holy smokes, I have officially reached ‘over the hill’ status. Well, being the mom of a 20 year old, he likes to remind me that even though I still look okay and feel pretty good, I am halfway to 80. Boys! I have kind of moved on from the Bright Lights, Big City vibes to the booger woods and fireflies kinda place-you know the type that if you blink you might miss the name of the town, here?! Well, I guess that is sort of where and how my story began."

Amazon & Kindle

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